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Oh my, everything about this game feels amazing! The bright color scheme, peaceful music choice, cheerful sound effects, and that "paw" cursor all make for a cozy holiday atmosphere. 

This game is a pretty balanced blend between the puzzle and action genre. I loved how this game requires just the right amount of action and thinking, but you might benefit from designing some levels specifically centered around one of those areas though. 

I would say the main issue of the game lies in its excessive busywork (I'd really appreciate if I could click and hold to release more jellies quickly) and downtime (It was tranquilizing to wait for the jellies to bounce gracefully one by one, but some would find it time consuming). To compensate for the ample amount of time where the player isn't doing much, you might want to encourage the player to play more recklessly. Consider removing the number limit of jellies in stock, so the player doesn't have to be too careful with each jelly they release. You can also make the jellies flow out at a constant rate. Designing more levels where the player is required to constantly manipulate the environment would also reduce the amount of downtime here. 

Also, it'd make life a lot easier if I could rotate platforms using my mouse wheel (It also allows for more precise rotations). But I understand that would be counter-intuitive with the one-direction rotations. 

Overall, everything about this game is so beautiful! You can really capitalize on the casual nature of this game and make it something people intrinsically want to play when they're chilling (Heck, you could make this a family game about cooperation, given its holiday theme).  Stay juicy! 

(I died of excitement when I saw Dobby in your latest video btw ;)


Thanks Boris as usual for the great feedback :) These are some great ideas right here which I will definitely keep in mind should I expand this game!
Dobby sends his regards :)