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Thanks for the feedback. A few responses to your points:

I didn't see any sprites except two of MC's in the start of the game.

The portrait art was not complete when Demo v1 came out, so only the first scene has portrait art.

And maybe without jumping week or  two week further with each scene?

Some of the story beats are still in flux when it comes to what will or won't be in future versions, but the plan remains to have major events take place each month in-universe, similar to how the first game had events take place each week. With 11 playable (non-prologue) months and 6 characters, that's already 66 events to write.

No CGs :(

For the moment, CGs are not planned for the game. Since the game has two different aspect ratios (2:3 on phones and 4:3 on desktops), figuring out how to handle CGs might be difficult.

The gameplay of demo ends on "July 2020" screen, right? After thet it feels empty and not filled.

Some routes went almost all the way to the end in Demo v1, but the weekly intro dialogue was not written for every week. As such, those text boxes would likely appear blank.

In addition to all of the above, I'd like to mention that progress on this game is going a bit slow right now while I work on the v10 update for Blooming Nightshade. I also feel like I'm going to take some of the design decisions from that update and apply them to this game. (For example, the player will get a chance to see each of the characters in the prologue and first month or two, but the game will then lock you into the route you pick for the rest of the playthrough.) Because of the reworks involved, Demo v2 will probably still only have Izumi, Kiyomi, and Nanami routes available (with the rest being pushed back to at least v3).

Hopefully that answered some of your questions. Let me know if anything still sticks out.