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"Let's put one of those beefy arms back on him for good measure"!  Terrific concept and very satisfying game play!

If you're interested, here are some ideas for further development:

  • Movement on the ground is a bit awkward.  The dragon clearly lands (and aims differently), but moving left and right periodically causes you to take off again (adjusting aim downwards).  It would be nice if you more consistently walked around, preserving useful aim.
  • Ground-based threat is very minimal.  It would be nice to see, e.g., some knights riding around down there with lances that can stab you for instant death, etc.
  • Castles are basically the same as other structures, but take longer to destroy.  They're drawn with ramparts---why not dot them with archers that can't be killed until the structure crumbles?
  • There's essentially no reason not to just hold Z/C down constantly.  Breathing fire could come with a trade-off: perhaps it could slow you down considerably, or could exhaust rechargeable energy (or even life for a real challenge!).
  • You have a whole unused X/V button that could add some interesting game mechanic.  My recommendations would be (a) a different attack, e.g. claws, that is better vs certain targets such as castles, (b) moving without adjusting aim, such that one can fly backwards while holding X/V, or (c) adjusting aim without moving (perhaps even allowing you to breath fire straight up or straight down, etc.).

Anyway, thanks for a great game!

Thank you. Great ideas.