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I saw a tweet asking for feedback, so here you go.

I can feel garbage collection pauses making jumping harder. If it isn't that, then something was eating up my inputs.

I like how switches once thrown stay thrown. It's very Dark Souls feeling and it gave me an immediate reason to go back and unlock the top path once I realized that it happened.

I had a little trouble with enemies but I figured out that running a bit back after a hit and then going for a forward attack was most effective. An odd tactic, but I can't just stay still because the enemy's attack is longer than mine by a pixel?

The physics felt like I was on ice the entire time. Not hard to deal with once I got used to it, but definitely didn't feel like I was actually able to walk. Most annoying towards the end when I had to jump out of a one block wide gap and kept hitting the ceiling.

Overall the challenges presented felt fun, if basic.

The chests felt unnecessary. They always have health drops, so why not just leave health drops there?

Edit: Wait, is this part of @eevee's game jam? If so, this is actually amazing for one week of work.

Thanks for the feedback. I had meant to enter it in their jam, but I wasn't able to finish it in time. This actually took closer to two months to make.