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How do I get the bo weapon?

Puzzle/stash reward from pandas' cave. Plus, it can be enchanted via your lab.

Oh... well then I’ll never get it, if you still remember what I said about the panda cage treasure.

Yes, I remember that you mentioned all stashed goods being already dug up before you got to them. I’m working on this - all the caches are ok but I didn’t reach the floating island yet. Perhaps it will be faster and easier if you’ll provide me your zipped save folder.

Well, I forgot to mention that I’m not playing on the downloaded version, I’m playing online. If that explains why I’m having problems, then I’ll just restart on the downloaded version.

No, it shouldn’t if the owner of that web portal didn’t change the original logic. Can't guarantee anything outside my own releases but a complete restart is too much.

Alright, guess we'll stick to the original plan and wait until I get there on my playthrough.