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Hey Pigeon, thanks for checking out the game. There are a few reasons that can happen, usually it has to do with Chrome plugins interfering with the game engine, ad-block is usually okay, but I have seen problems with some "anti-virus" plugins messing with the engine. A lot of plugins basically go in and modify code at run-time, which usually doesn't interfere with how the original code works, but plugins are made by people, normal guys like your or I, they make mistakes. Plugin might be working great on 99.99% of the code, but my game engine is not "usual" piece of JavaScript code, so it trips up some of the these Chrome plugins.

The game has no ads or miners or anything like that, just the game code.

Anyway, TL;DR: Try to disable your Chrome plugins

Also, the game will work even if it's not 100% loaded typically, if some resources don't load - you should still be able to play, as long as they are not "critical" resources, such as world layout data. Try pressing "play" - see what happens :)

Thanks for the reply! Will do :)

No worries, let me know if you have any more problems!

awesome game! I want to start developing my own game in Three.js, could you guide me where to start? could you give me your email? I'll be very happy!