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Hello! This was the first game that I've ever gotten off and its probably the best purchase I've made in a while. 

For a while I've considered trying to make an RPG Maker game. However I've been intimidated by the time and commitment necessary to do so. People I know have also told me there are limits to what can be done with RPG Maker and that I wouldn't be able to make anything that stood out.

After playing No Delivery however, I've come to realize that unique experiences can still be made using RPG Maker.

I've played No Delivery to 100% completion. The art-style, atmosphere, and clear homages and inspirations from other games really tied the experience together for me. 

Thank you for making such a wonderful game, and thank you for inspiring me to continue my own creative pursuits!

great to know its breaking the mold!

Good luck in your creative pursuits