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I haven't played the full version yet since I did a run some versions back, liked it, and didn't want to peck at it.

A bit confused though. Is the EX 1.03 versions patreon exclusive or just a paid version exclusive. I get that it's gotta pay, and have no problem there, just unsure where I go on that front.

The lack of pay options suggest the patreon thing, but are there any plans to make a paid version on the store available?


Sorry for the late answer. Yes, EX version is exclusive to the Patreon at the moment. Initially, I planned to use it for distribution platforms like Steam and Nutaku since it’s pretty silly to push a public version to them.

Yet this plan failed due to several unforeseen requirements from Nutaku and Steam needs a movie for the shop. Most likely I will try to prepare everything I need for Steam while forfeiting Nutaku. They want about 1/4 of scenes changed or cut which is a problem. Can’t provide any estimated dates.

In short, grab the public version and if you decide that you like it enough to say “thanks” - get the EX via Patreon because I can’t say when Yorna will make it in Steam.