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I loved this game before, and I still love it now. It's improve significantly from a year ago. The art and gameplay is still the bomb, and even better than before. I remember pleading to my grandfather to buy this someday, and now I just finished filling up the kickstarter survey.

Anyways, there's something that was bothering me while playing. I'm not sure if others have noticed this, but "male" Alexis's worried face's mouth and nose seem kinda out of place. I don't know if that's intentional, but it just looked off, especially when he's talking. If that IS something you'd look into, I edited the picture a bit just to show you what I mean.Of course it's not that good of an edit. After all, it's your project. In the end, this is an awesome game I'm really looking forward to play.  I think you are all doing swell, and this game is the best.

P.S. Still hoping there would be a regent ending.

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Hello and thank you very much! We received your survey information <3

(Aaaand this message was accidentally sent before we got to reply to everything so -edits-) xD

Thank you very much for the sprite edits as well! (It's actually well done! XD) There are many things that are on our to-do list in regards of sprite polishing and this should be one of them!

So happy to hear from you again even after such a long time! :D The project is finally reaching the finish line soon too. We'll keep doing our best so thank you so much for the continuous support!