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1. Very good idea, maybe some kind of bigger cans like a whole 5 liter bottle?

2. The spear is a thing, but if you mean like a bow or something then it's a good idea aswell

3. Pufferfish could be something that should not be eaten, which is also cool

4. Minecraft, but I kinda like it, the only consequences would be losing one foundation, simulating that the shark attacked.

5. Same as 2. but the Hook we have could also be a thing for example another fishing item

6. That kinda makes no logic since walls are made out of thatch, which is really thin

7. Yup.

8. It could be tossed like 5 times longer but catch 5-6 fish

9. Kinda useless(?)

10. YES! Would be kinda hard to craft, eg 5 metal, 20 thatch,

11. Cool, but kinda not useful in any way, the food could get rotten if it was on the table for long enough.

12. Maybe multiplayer feature?

13. Good idea, it could cook alot faster.

14. The game should have fuel aswell, but useless(?)

15. Maybe if after like a long period of time the items on the water are better, resulting in extra stuff like fuel, a gun (would be good to shoot out the shark and then hook him to you to get his meat)

16. We have torches...