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I downloaded Good Doggo on my phone, my friends in school and me really enjoyed this game. I love the physics, compatibility, portableness of it. It's great to play in the metro, train, in school. The physics and the face emotions of the dog were great, it looked smooth, cute, and great.

My biggest problem, is that this game is short. Even in the premium version. It's just not fun to play the same thing when you upgraded everything to the max. In cookie clicker for example, you can go and upgrade to octillions, octillions and then even more than that, there is no limit. Here, it stays at the same score and you just beat the game. Just don't make max upgrades, make people make strategies of what to upgrade and make the game more difficult, add difficulties to this game. Make it longer, i don't want for this to be a one off i want for kids to play this and compete, and that doesn't happen.

It's a great game, but too short and needs a bit more strategizing and difficulties, that MAX on 3 or 4 just RUINS the game for me.

8/10. (Great)


u wrote an artical nice