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i spend 5 hours trying to get this run please notice me :D

new score 10 seconds off again

new score 10 seconds off lol

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i got a 2:38 


lmao just  learn how to use arrow keys or wasd or learn how to play ddr

yea lol i kinda have a hp crome book just get linux and download the game

lol i was joking

nice game my dude

n o

this cant be played now that flash is gone


i have no words

cool game...

um sure

ok sooo first of all jump is unresponsive when i find the blue slime and mid way trough the game its not responsive sometimes at the end its good

ehem the jump is broken like its so unresponsive

yo also can u have contoller support please erm i dont like keyboards

press space and see if that works

my man nice ta see u make a new game lol

aha lol i guess u noticed the glitch haha


ooh well its alot like this game lol

ngl this is alot like undertale but with a twist also really amazing game

lol for any ppl who are new to the game set of an nes contoller heres a thing to teach u 

  Jump            |
Move left   |          |   +--+         |        |
|    |   |            |        |                        |
|    | +-|-+          |        |                        |
|    | | o |          |        |                        |
|  +-|-+   +---+      |        |                        |
|  | o       o |      o        o        ---     ---     |
|  +---+   +-|-+   (select) (start)    ( B )   ( A )    |
|      | o | |                          -o-     -o-     |
|      +-|-+ |                           |       |      |
+--------|---|---------------------------|-------|------+         |   +---+                       |       +---+       Shield    |                 Special moves     |                 |                                   |            Move right                            Attacks    

hey bro if u online wanna play lmao

at the time of making this im trying to do a all difficulty run (on the web ps the web version is laggy af but its ok im still playing it)

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this game is amazing one of the best precision games i´ve played so far ngl cat approves 

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not hating on the game but theres alot of glitches like please patch then i could go out of bound and just win the game please fix all these bugs i wont list them  because my friend found out abt it but hes sleeping rn my ...  oh and heres a lil cat cus your game is short and fun

  • just a gameplay nothing sus about that right... 
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aha is this even a game if there isnt a plot also this game feels the the backrooms 2

cutest game so far that i´ve seen

nice game

ima speedrun this game not posting it btw and ima try to do a no hit run

nice game bro hopefully u still make games i love your little game u made here

ima add this to my collection its my 2 fav game 

nice game i love it

nice game ngl