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Example of zonesHey @Anuke, I know this may sound like whining to get a thing added to the editor, but please hear me out; Could the editor have "random zones" for random generation? 

This would help to make some areas have randomization while others wouldn't have that same effect, an example would be islands surrounded by deep sea, but you want to randomize the deep sea into shallow water - but not all of the ocean. 

And to add a layer upon that utility you could have multiple layers of the zones (maybe making it to where some would randomize after it?) and having to where walk-ways would change up and some walls would be there and not there whenever you try over and such.

I went ahead and done over kill on this by making a diagram of what it could look like on MS Paint, of course it is MS Paint and it looks horrible - but it is something other than a string of words

Hopefully making two maps and editing one I didn't skip over something like this (I know you can do the whole map but I was needing something like this for multiple things) And hopefully you've considered this for something if you read all the way through. Thanks for this amazing game!