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I don't know if you still develop, but, lady ice was a pleasant experience! The shadowing and models were all fitting, and the game itself is very comfy. Yes it might seem weird but that is right, comfy. 

I found sitting inside of a small house with candles and trying to survive a storm with a ghost extremely happy, it just feels like being at home at a rainy day. It's very intense too!

I didn't find any issues, other than lighting up the room with a candle doing nothing and the room still being dark. The difficulty, i love challenging and difficult games so it being hard is a plus.

Overall, great game! It's a strong 7 to a light 8. Have to be honest, i haven't beaten it, like everyone. Might waste 5 hours trying to beat it. Not more.

Will play the REDUX version now :)


Thanks for playing! 
That's certainly a unique way of describing the game :) I agree with you though, it does feel comfy!