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Taking the photo should work just fine, I just tested it again. What may be a bit misleading is there are actually two photospots in the scene. One of those (the more obvious one) won't work on purpose, since it's too far away for a close-up shot. Just keep searching for the second one (try the rocky part near the exit to the path up the cliffs). I'm going to add some kind of a hint to make this more obvious.

Hope that helps. :3 If that still doesn't work, I can help you better if you clarify the problem a bit further.

Apperently when choosing to talk Jules  taking the photo is working  fine but talking to Aaron prevents me taking  the photo


Have you already tried the updated build I uploaded yesterday (fh_demo_0.2.3)? I checked it just now, it should work with both conversation paths now. If the problem still persists, I would recommend using the bug report group on Discord (you can find the link above) to describe when and where it occurs exactly, so I can track down the issue.

Ok thanks