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This game is a pretty nice reinvention of Arkanoid, it's very challenging and fun.

BTW, I became addicted to the music.

Thanks. I very much enjoy it myself and it is very challenging still trying to beat the master levels (super difficult levels you can unlock) on hard difficulty.

Interestingly I wrote most of the music over 10 years ago back then I didn't know how to program video games only knew about music. I revisited some of my old music and rearranged and reworked the songs to suit the game. 

Soundtrack is available on my band camp page

That's awesome!!!

BTW I wrote a review in spanish about Beautiful Bricks:

Love the review (I could read it using Google translate) you really cover everything and i'm glad my intentions for the game where understood by you and captured in the review.  

With CRT and Scanline filters are interesting suggestions and i think it would be possible to include a feature like that.

99% of the sounds in the game where created by me using an Alesis Micron synthesiser but i drew inspiration from sounds of the past to make them. The three sounds I didn't make were the dragon roars, a cheer effect and a whistle sample. But they are public domain sounds.  

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Yeah, I think add a bunch of retro flavoured screen filters would be awesome to the aesthetics.

Thanks for the compliments about the review. :)