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Help?? I downloaded the game on my laptop and opened it. i have option to choose to play part 1 and part 2 but none of the option are reacting to my clicking. It does slightly change color when i click it telling me that i did but it doesnt take me anywhere. Do i need to do something before playing the game? Btw the art and music is amazing and im sure the plot is better, amazing, love it. If any advices how to start part 1 would be very useful to me. Thank you :*

Edit: Nevermind, i found it yaaay :'D


please tell me how you found it...?...?

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idk whether or not you still need help but what I think you need to do is look for a little arrow close to the bottom of the right side of the screen (there are two, one on each side) press that until you get to the Name/Pronoun section, input what you want then go back to the main play screen (ignore the guys for now probs) and press part 1. Don't know if that helped but hopefully it'll help new peeps ;)

P.S. Just found out that once you finish part 2, you then need to choose the guy you want to pursue.