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nah, you get to choose to say himself or herself later on

love the concept but this game is kicking my ass

"Hey, Lisa!"

"Oh, hi Mark!"

I see what you did there

i just wanted to have my fun little gay times and now my immigrant ass is crying in the club

this is like, sick as hell. resisting the urge to like, 'binge' the endings bc i don't want to just skim this so quick it loses all impact. if i wasn't myself a transgendered, you better believe i'd be donating my life savings to this puppy right here. (as is, all my funds are already going to support the trans community. just - one member, specifically. more, on birthdays). this is just so excellent

this game is torture bc irl i would do ANYTHING to sustain a convo about haloes (celestial) w an eccentric stranger. and all the options relied on me wanting to talk abt VIDEO GAMES instead??? when realistically i'd join this guy's cult and THEN slowly turn him into an atheistic* gamer femboy??? anyway 10/10, would play again, ur a visionary

*i would actually just make his religious views even weirder (i.e. informed by judaism), and i would NEVER deprive him of that manic wikipedian je ne sais quoi, but it rolls off the tongue better that way, i think

[[ignore all of this. i liked ur game. these are the deranged ramblings of a person who lacks the impulse control to first not write this and then not publish it. COOL ART BTW. all... all else aside, the designs are deadly]]

MY ONLY SERIOUS DEMAND: i have to know where MC is from, so i may proceed w the appropriate stereotypes of their region (and if it's the good one - mine - i can just nod smugly). i am too dumb to pick up on whatever hints were dropped in, esp. vis a vis geography. i know they're going TO galway, and... don't make me pull out a map

ok as an irish person w............... an established relationship to this kind of thing, i kind of have to brace myself anytime i hear anything abt "the fae" (which in of itself isn't even irish lmao) in some Y/A fantasy context, tho i do recognize that that trend has basically nothing to do w irish mythology in any sense (hell, "unseelie" and "seelie" literally isn't even irish! - neither are those whispy things, afaik, so I can't even tell if it's intentional - which makes it all both much better and much worse!) tho i'm not genuinely opposed to it morally, like in terms of individual creators, like i get it... i'm definitely doing the same thing w other cultures, to some extent, bc that's just kind of how it is (not trying to abdicate responsibility, but like, i definitely want to write vampires, and whether i choose to pretend that means our modern, hella european - if we're talking dracula, SPECIFICALLY COLONIZER (br*tish) - conception... or take it upon my white self to make a bags of some filipino myth i know shit abt, like... i feel like my preference comes out pretty strong just in my description there but still it's a fucking CHOICE either way). 

ANYWAY basically i really liked this, and i believe in supporting creators and all that, but this isn't my authenticity stamp of approval (instinctively there are several things that come to mind but a) i don't want ppl to even try to be authentic honestly bc i don't anyone to be under any illusions that this is an educational resource, and b) i don't want to make an ass out of myself bc i acted as an authority and then it turns out ACTUALLY my munster-ian bias is really showing bc in CONNACHT they do it the exact opposite way or g-d forbid there's some northern 'irish' bullshit mixed in there too. i mean not that they're not irish but the mfers sure ain't acting like it).  the only thing specific to this project, anyway, is that it's REALLY pushing the irish part, which is so funny, like the audacity of the little cursor and the music... literally setting it SPECIFICALLY, EXPLICITLY during a genocide... the AUDACITY... i'm not even gonna touch the phonetic spelling, which... it's a bit weird reading words spelled differently to indicate they're said the way... i would say them... were they spelled normally... so that's inherently ... well, it's not like i can say 'this doesn't reflect MY experiences of every single irish dialect in the 1800s' but... let's just say i'm glad this game doesn't have voice acting... nbd, but, uk... [the only thing funnier would be if the next thing i read is an update w/u like "writing to u from kerry, sorry i've not updated in a while, been so busy w my thesis deconstructing false boundaries between welsh/scottish/irish myth" or some shit. i mean i had to click on the little translations like some american and i feel like a right fraud, you know. flunk out the obligatory language courses and next thing uk you'll be questioning ur ethnicity. so i'll just tell myself it's weird it's not written in one or the other, since if we're going for the historical accuracy feel acting like they'd be speaking english w some loan phrases feels deeply strange]. pls don't take this serious, which i know is rich coming from me, person who fully had the capacity to figuratively shut my figurative mouth,  but, you know... do as i say, not as i do? in the words of our hamilton? (colonizer this side of the atlantic that spawned a banger musical). i do genuinely appreciate the attempted irishness of it all, tho. touched by the effort, really. if u've done urself the harm of reading this far, i hope this much has been made clear: this says so, SO much more abt me than it does u. u sexy little writer, u. not sure what the title would be for each individual member of the team behind this, u. it is fully 3am, as u might have guessed 

i don't have it in me to elucidate what this game did for me so i'll just say uhh.. you know what maniepanie52 said? comment right below me? ditto. while that experience is, as i just discovered, unfortunately no longer accessible to me (i now have a brother named mathias and that shouldn't matter but due to some personal baggage it's apparently too fucking weird for me ALSO WHY DID U NAME HIM THAT LMAO i need to know now and im gonna go trawl old posts to see if it comes up somehow. uk he's the patron saint of alcoholics? ik cause my mom. and not bc she's christian... if u catch my drift) i remember it fondly and it deserves commemoration. keep up the good work, my guy (or don't! that's ur prerogative). 

Obviously you can only say so much about a demo, but... if the whole game is the same quality as this sliver of it, this will probably be the best game i've ever played. 10/10 premise, killer execution - it would be easy to coast off of the absurdity at its core but the writing really isn't that lazy. and that hook at the end is PERFECT, makes me feel like the concept is going to be used to its full potential, not just... thoughtlessly, for shock value. i keep telling myself to stop playing demos and getting my hopes up (for when they inevitably don't pan out) but honestly, while my hopes have definitely been up-ped, playing this was worth it, no matter what does or doesn't happen next. sorry if this comment makes no sense, i'll try a more efficient way to communicate the basic sentiment: !!!!!!! good. 

insane to me that this specific dynamic is so re-creatable and so immediately recognisable - even though it also is pretty specific in ways that don't line up 100% with my own experiences, vis a vis the non-western home country aspect (though there are some ...specific things, there, that I can relate to. for reasons too convoluted to explain here. either way, i really appreciated seeing that here. the line about knowing the word in english but not in ....? surprised me, in how well it fit, how much it could've been something i would say. it was... refreshing? i'm glad that the universal - at least, universal for a disproportionally queer, relatively young itch audience - didn't eclipse the specific, basically.  I think this game is better for it). 

the same thing happens in the other route, too. I assume it's because the game's not done, so you just have to wait until it's updated to continue.

please tell me how you found it...?...?

Uh... Actually, it can. I tried it, and it made the graphics lower quality than they would have been otherwise, but it worked just fine.