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Oops, sorry - Itch bundles up notifications for comments if several of them pop up at the same day so I didn’t notice this one.

Are you sure about the cheating or save editing? Last three times someone reported a bug from Yorna it was a case of ”ok, ma~aybe I edited saves to get some gold” and ending up screwing game logic. Since caches were around back from the middle of the game’s development, I find it hard to understand why other players didn’t encounter the problem.

What ”restart the game from a save file” means? Did you transfer your save files from an older release into a new one and continued the story this way? The transfer can’t affect anything if you copied the save folder as I mentioned in the FAQ section and most posts with new versions.

To sum it up, all caches were already dug up until you reached the floating island and you are absolutely sure you never did it yourself? What game version are you using?

Mithril is used in your castle’s lab for crafting and enchantment. The hole is just a hole.

Yes, I’m playing this game normally, and as for the “restart the game from save file”, that was when I commented that I didn’t know what to do after beating Serena and then realized I broke the game because I did the vagabonds’ quest first before talking to her, and then deleted my newer saves and restarted using an old save from before I defeated Serena. Yes, the caches were all dug up until I reached the floating island, and I absolutely did not dig up the caches myself. I am using version 1_0b.

Got it.  This should be the case as I already mentioned, I’ll look into it but can’t give an estimated date since Ouro’s development consumes most of my time.

Also, starting vagabond’s questline shouldn’t be critical in any way. Did you try to talk with Ayane on that step? Perhaps it’s a case of a non-so-clear help hint…

What happened was I talked to the vagabonds because I happened to go into their camp, and then when Serena came back I talked to them one last time before I could talk to Serena about their case, so Serena ended up helping me clear them before I got to finish the main quest which is to talk to her about how she was doing, so that probably broke something in the system, other than that i have no idea.