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Just played the demo. Loved it 🥰

Waiting for more.

That group photo was awesome too and it's just a WIP. Wondering how awesome will be the finished art. Just Chris was a bit too different from his Sprite. I was thinking at the start that it was someone else 🤣 or maybe it's? 😨

I got a little freaked out at the beginning, thinking that it would be a crazy game with only bad things, like ECHO, but hope not 🥺

Also...Bryan grin is scary, even though some times it was intended to be a flirty grin 🤣🤣 To me that is the most important thing to change in the future :P

He reminds me of Darius from Extracurricular Activities, but with a psycho smile. It's like the lost evil brother of Darius 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Anyway, awesome work. Keep going that you guys are gonna go far ☺️👌🏻

Thank you!
A lot of what you see in the game right now is a work in progress, so expect things to change and improve down the line!

yeah, I understand. The game is in progress overall haha 

Waiting for the next updated ^-^

Also, the team doing this game is the same that is remaking Morenatsu? Cuz if it's that would be a lot of work lol