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I had a friend playtest the first level.

Based on his observations I changed some stuff, mainly no longer can you can uneven amounts of action points. - Because that would mean you have to walk 1 tile each round, or end the round by clicking on yourself. (because shots cost 2 points.) - So now every upgrade to AP is 2 points at once.

Also some smaller stuff was found, like dead enemies were hiding upgrades under their bodies (now the upgrades are rendered over dead enemies).

And to better show the goal of each level, I added a teleporter device that you have to get to.

Other than that I finished level 2 monsters, started level 3 .. I still plan to release 6 levels.

Lot's of playtesting involved to find the right enemy strengh - for that I added a mode where you walk much much faster :)

Here is another level editor screenshot - with the teleporter level end point.