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So I downloaded "No Players Online" today to start a Let's Play series on it because it looks absolutely amazing. I played through the first stage and delivered the 3rd flag after going through John_DEV's dialog,  needless to say I "Lost connection to the server".

I then discovered the Konami Code after going through the comment section on this page in order to proceed with the game, I entered the code and managed to get the server "back online". I got to the point of delivering the 3rd flag again but this time I did not get the new dialog from John_DEV, I got the exact same dialog as in the first playthrough.

I tried restarting my system, deleting the game and re-downloading it but nothing works. Can anyone help me with this issue please?


you need to press Esc when he tells you to leave, then you go back into the game an then you'll get the new dialogue. 

Dude... you are a HECKING LEGEND!!!
IT WORKED!!! Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciate it!

Also, make sure to check the posts of the developer on this of them might lead you to your next clue!

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I will definitely do so! I love these sneaky Devs, they make games like this one even more AMAZING!!!

This is a meta game so you gotta hunt clues anywhere. The final passcode is quite hard to figure out too! you can do it the right way or the cheap way but the right way is very very tough. I did it the cheap way cause I am curious but when I read the legit way to do it my jaw literally dropped