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I think that we still don't know where that one is used, though I might be wrong.

We think so!

and was that clue something we already know? just checking

I think the clue that leads to the bandcamp site can be found through a file by snooping around in the linux version of the game. from there you follow the hints and do some math and then you get the final passcode.

Holy crap...that final passcode though....I did it the cheap way xD but the legit way is freaking genius! and very well set! I didn't even know there was even a bandcam profile...Also, what is up with the last music in this album?  Victor Kraus made the music in the game, right?

if you get stuck, try checking the posts of the dev in this page. one of them might lead you to your next clue!

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I tried something with the wife to see if she would follow, and at the part it says behind you, I turned around and slowly walked off the map and OMFG SHE FOLLOWS YOU AND I WAS STUCK ON THE WALL FOR A SEC SO IT WAS TERRIFYING! @_@  .....but she doesn't follow into the passcode room... I also tried jumping off the map after John_Dev joined. nothing happened.

This is a meta game so you gotta hunt clues anywhere. The final passcode is quite hard to figure out too! you can do it the right way or the cheap way but the right way is very very tough. I did it the cheap way cause I am curious but when I read the legit way to do it my jaw literally dropped

The missing link
Also.... what is up with the last track in this playlist? :S

It's both! Happy hunting!

Also, make sure to check the posts of the developer on this of them might lead you to your next clue!

like, HOLY SH*T! I never would've thought that those first couple of seconds of blue screen after you click the tape have some meaning! you're a freaking genius!

Those are some pretty impressive findings m8! it actually makes sense if you see wingdings as actual symbols and not "letters"! However, I don't know how many would've figured out the flag connection!

Delivering the flag IS an ending :P

you can find that number if you do the "shoot the eye" ending in no players online. then you get a Log_test_data file (which is a text file) and the number is there. For me, that file was on my desktop

You need to think out of the box and like snooping around games in order to  successfully play this game :)

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Ok, I will try to not spoil it for you and just give you hints. first things first, you need to check the dev's posts...there is another "hidden game" you can find through "Multiplayer fix" post. your next clue is there.
Happy hunting ^^

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It's basically the same song with no player online

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The memory address can be found in the log file you get after you shoot the eye and get the second ending ending. it's named Log_test_date .  for me, it was on my desktop but I dunno where it will be for you so you can search it using the name file I just gave you

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You just type haunt in the server screen.... you get the clue by playing EYE.exe and watching the video at the end of the game... the lyrics are from a song,  the one word missing from the lyrics is haunt

There is no bad ending ;)


Holy crap! :o did you figure it out ? O_o

soooo..... for the people who actually got there.... some windings and a 6 digit password ( _ _ - _ _ - _ _ ) no 0 on the keypad.... hmmmm any ideas? I tried decimal values of keyboard characters but it doesn't seem to be it or maybe I just did it wrong...Remember, no zero in the password

I tried a few combinations but I failed... first things first, there is no 0 button so no numbers with 0s in them.
Secondly, Folder,paper andflag are wingdings keys but the arrows are wingdings 3 so it's kind of hard to figure it out

judging from the bluescreen it might be windings?

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Edit: This allows you to jump off the map. and we need  a code... _ _ - _ _ - _ _ hmmm 

Here's a little update. If you type in Haunt in the server select, then type in 25467 (from the log file) you get something interesting and the line "Removed Mesh #345 colision"

All in all, from the implied secrets to the feeling of nostalgia the game gives you ( it reminded me of games like Perfect dark) This is a brilliant gem! It's a bit unfortunate that (at least for now) it's so short

There HAS to be something....maybe a story...I mean the Eye asset is named "Ultra Secret" when you check it in unity...then there is that piece of paper...then there's the PNG with the date...then there is the creation date of the PNG which is old as hell...there HAS to be some kind of cryptic story behind it for those who are willing to search deeper xD oitherwise, this is a huge waste of time

Yeeeah :/ it seems like the two first levels are associated with the tape you click in the beginning, another one is for the secret paper ending and only one of them is the actual map... but there appear to be emoji textures that don't seem to be used anywhere in the game...oh well, I downloaded Unity over nothing :P

Use the Konami code

I checked the PNG's properties and in the Details it says Date Taken 4/5/1987 1:56am. could it be a clue to something?

There are things called copyrights and trademarks.....