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(spanish lets play) hiya sorry, i finally got to play. i gotta say i had fun playing the game, honestly i was not expecting it to be this scary. there was certain things i wish the game had; like an health bar, stamina bar, maybe notes to help you with the puzzles and to talk more about the story  and maybe a map? idk thats me, but honestly it was really fun to play keep up the good work and i hope to see this more  development to the game. i made a small play through :D


Thanks for playing, if you still wanna play, download new version 1.6.2, the game updated so much your video version is old,

sure ill give it a second go :D

i tried recording it but my recording system records up tp the point where the controls are shown and the it freezes tried it multiple times and its having the same issue sorry friend. keep up the good work and hopefully you expand on this game. it looks cool 

... Hmmm , try put in windowed