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i really love the horor settings , the creature looks like ghost or zombie , maybe a few advice for this game is :

1. You can add maps and objectives to make this game more challanging , you can also add more weapons or items as well . 

2. Use prologue stories so it would be a great horor scify game story 

3. There is a boss out there ( The big green one ) , its too strong to defeat and actually i got stuck there , moreover there is no clue or hint how to defeat the boss . So you can add on these things later 

4. If we can play it online with other friends , it would be great :)

5. For me , the graphyc is quite like RF online RPG . The greater the graphyc gonna make this game better

Good work mate ! Looking forward for the greater updates !

Hi! Thank you for the feedback! I'll try my best to answer all of your question:

1. In the game design itself we didn't plan to add some obvious objective and maps, so it will feels more realistic (since real life still have objective but it didn't show) and make player feels lost since you don't know where you are, but if the map feels repetitive and hard to remind surely it is our level design mistake. Weapon and items will be added later through pass the stage of the project.

2. For the story telling itself, we will use the level design, item description, writings, but we didn't plan use dialogue so player will guessing the story through the levels. But the prologue is a good idea and we will keep it in mind.

3. For the boss, we will try to find the best combat and AI behaviour through times, but for clue / hint to defeat the boss, is mostly defeating it by time players recognized it's moveset and overcome the enemy. yes the boss is too hard and we will balance the stat aswell.

4. Tbh for now we don't have plan for online play. But after this prototype we will rethink about it :D

5. For the graphic itself, it's tighten to the budget and the timeline of the project itself. Sorry if this doesn't suit you but we will try our best to make this stylized feels better than this stage :D

Thank you! We will working better with your feedback!