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Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience, since it still in prototype state we didn't plan to package it into installer so we still planned this as a zip file.

I hope if everything goes well and we made through to the beta / alpha definitely make installer package one.

Thank you for the feedback! Actually we plan to not having any healing items (since player had ressurect mechanic "Ascension") but we will tweak the game design with input from players also :D

The cave was boring since the levels unfinished (we try to update as fast as possible, but hold due during events) we will give new update so the cave have more interaction in the next update.

And we really glad you find the combat satisfying. We will provide more better update later. Thank you for the feedback once more!

Hi, the bug you encountered already fixed in the next update and will be released in next month. And thank you for making a video for it, well appreciate ! I hope later you can enjoy more of our game :D

Hi! Thank you for the feedback and compliment!
We will try to get it done right with your feedback :D

Yes the animation will be fixed, it's really annoying we just haven't find the best setting for it. hope we can the best tune later.
The UI is still unfinished T.T
Btw thank you once again for the compliment xD

Hi, Thank you for the feedback! Yes we will fix that annoying health bar (i also feel it :( next update it will be fixed) and the weird leg movement is because of the IK. I will try the best to make it feels good. Thank you so much!

Hi! Thank you for making a video (with commentary, really loved it.)

Yes, later on you will feel more different from the original dark souls, we will serve with more unique system and levels later on. Thank you for the feedback also!

Hi, we haven't add pick up item function yet but we will implement it later! We will add logs too so you guys will know the difference in next update :D

Hi! Thank you for the feedback! I'll try my best to answer all of your question:

1. In the game design itself we didn't plan to add some obvious objective and maps, so it will feels more realistic (since real life still have objective but it didn't show) and make player feels lost since you don't know where you are, but if the map feels repetitive and hard to remind surely it is our level design mistake. Weapon and items will be added later through pass the stage of the project.

2. For the story telling itself, we will use the level design, item description, writings, but we didn't plan use dialogue so player will guessing the story through the levels. But the prologue is a good idea and we will keep it in mind.

3. For the boss, we will try to find the best combat and AI behaviour through times, but for clue / hint to defeat the boss, is mostly defeating it by time players recognized it's moveset and overcome the enemy. yes the boss is too hard and we will balance the stat aswell.

4. Tbh for now we don't have plan for online play. But after this prototype we will rethink about it :D

5. For the graphic itself, it's tighten to the budget and the timeline of the project itself. Sorry if this doesn't suit you but we will try our best to make this stylized feels better than this stage :D

Thank you! We will working better with your feedback!

Whoa, u even can notice we're trying copy dark souls 2 combat feels.

Thank you for the feedback too! We will find the best balance for the game through the time.

Thank you so much for making a video for it! We'll make it better next time :D

whoaa thank you for making a video for it. i thought u gonna add voice tho :p

Hi! Thank you for your feedback!
We will give a better game after updates, and better tutorial for the game itself of course.

Thank you giving a chance to try our game!