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Man, I was kinda afraid to go into this at first (furry is not my thing) but some other va writers I really liked linked over to your article, wich was interesting, then I read about your project and the premise got me curious enough to take a look. I'm glad I did. The writing is so strong and so different from most VAs, it has this limnal, eeiry feeling that draws you in from the start. The furry thing is there, but its not a used substitute for strong characterization, and even in Lukes scene, its as much about characterization as the act, and the characterization was strong enough to overpower any squick (Luke is such a slut and just I want to play more so I can find someone to love him, or at least give him some snuggles) Kano wasn't as interesting, but I am hyped for the Kobolds! Or at least I'm assuming thats what they are, but their designs look like they've come straight out of the Monster Manual so I don't think you could blame me. I'm playing a Kobold in my group right now so I'm interested in how you'll interpret them, and make them fit with this more eloquent, poetic writing style. I'm super keen to see how the management aspects play out, and to play matchmaker with the guests. Overall I was blown away by this and happy to be so.