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Love it! I spent too much time playing it last 2 days :D

Would love a random deck each time you play - maybe keep the current mode as daily challenge (make a score screen with a date so we can compare top scores?). This is because the "same deck for a whole day" makes me optimize my runs (more of a strategy), while a completely new deck makes make decisions on the spot (more tactical play). I think having both in game would be awesome.

Also - I would gladly pay for an android version!

I love the idea of having a "first run" leaderboard for the good improvisers and an overall daily best score. There could also be a overall randomly seeded best score, but you could see which seed the player used to achieve it, and play the same seed if you think you can beat it.

ps.: I do think though there is a big oportunity for cheating in the improvised game (eg.: you could play as a different user take notes of everything).