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absolutely incredible. a quick peek into what still awaits us in the future of videogames.

very happy to play the original deer game, thanks for the jam! =)

thank you for the jam! made me very happy to just make something silly following a prompt and be joyful about it.

i feel like im very good at this game

love it!


damn, and here i was thinking i had outsmarted the generality.

found 5 mines

oh thats weird =( if you wanna check it out it might also be availabe at, its the pacman quine one

hmmm, what browser are you using?

excited for the expansion about the better dollar slice, jay street fresh.


I see, I just never got an answer to the original email, so I dont event know if there is a process happening

I sent an email a week ago requesting to change the ownership of one of my games ( from isabella to lucasograssi, is there anything else I could do to get this done soon.


amazing, I’ve been playing some wii and ds games and they have this thing where the console suffers a bit and its delicious.

=) thanks for playing it, this was very hard to make, but I was very happy about the free half pipe as well haha. Got me making skate sounds. Still have to write down the whole skate games post some day though.

heey, thanks for letting me know! I was using an online component to make the game easy to update but it got stale and broke the whole thing. Should be fixed now!

a cave is a dumpling

Its important to know that the current official speedrun™ of this game uses the in game timer, not an actual wall clock. Its a very important distinction since the achievement of 24 frame wall clock run (0.4s)

its up now! this weeks might be interesting, but didn’t super work =(

Wooow, thanks a lot for the kind comment! Sounds like a lovely experience, even got me back to trying to beat my own current perfect line hahaha. Do you know of any particular forum I could try posting this at? I tried posting on reddit speedrun, but I don’t think I can even do that (and not being very active on reddit makes it so that I don’t have a lot of karma).

Deleting the button seems like a pretty funny thing to happen, I press the button a couple times every run to in case.


full body chills!

3 years after its original game jam seed , we finally got our game BRUXA to a version we are happy with releasing. We have 3 levels 6 characters and a whole ton of fun gameplay.

Bruxa is a local multiplayer game where players try to keep control of the main character for as long as they can, collecting as many mushrooms scattered around the level as they can. Block your friends and try getting to those juicy valuabe mushrooms while you can!

hell yeah

so good

very good. just started to grasp how good of a player I could become.

yeeeeah, it’s actually not even a very complicated shader, I can share it with you if you want to! It’s basically a vertex shader that is pulling vertices upwards increasingly along the z axis, so that the farther away from the car, the more up each vertex is displaced. (there’s also an added wobblyness over time). All the effect is then parametrized by the car’s speed =)

should be fixed now

Hahaha thanks for playing it! I think you got the point, no real goal, just wanting to keep the dreams alive and explore it how you can!

Obrigado!!! Usamos só a paleta dream, mas como base dos materiais, aí a luz e shading faz dar uma variada!

We made this in our weekly Jam Hunting stream!

Just learned this from The Catamites Magic Wand notes:

the MSPaint Color Substitution Tool.
1. Open MSPaint and make a b/w doodle
2. Select the "Eraser" tool - set the primary color to white, and the secondary color to yellow
3. RIGHT-CLICK and move the eraser across the drawing

This game is very good. It brought me to a particular joyful tryhard state that I have not found in a while playing arcade games. I smiled when I lost or when sometimes I pressed down and I was in the wrong ladder height and went up instead of down. The feeling of moving up and down these ladders is amazing, being able to be in between waiting for ladders to go down, getting slightly down just to be able to go down a huge chunk. Eventually though, after some 30 minutes of joyful, exciting gameplay I decided to tryhard for a better score and reevaluated the way I was playing. I realized the hardest thing is actually going down, and notices that if I just stood in the lower half of the screen I could just stall indefinitely going left and right waiting for the ball to come. This made it so having a high score is just a matter of time (even if it’s very cheesy and annoying). I was listening to some good music and decided to see how far I could cheese it: got up to 54 (in hard). While I think the scoring doesn’t take any points from me giving this game 5 stars (it was an amazing experience personally). I think it’s interesting to think how I kind of “solved it” for the objective function defined by the score, and the solution isn’t as fun as just playing around as I was before going for the score. Amazing game!

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Thank you Ina! A happy new year for you too =)