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so good, beautiful work+)

oooooo thanks. very curious about that other game !!!

you have won!

beautiful! but i counldn’t hear any sound, is it supposed to have sound?

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i think i beat it?

e agora José?

NO! make it more intense, make it some mega juice that makes it unberable too look at. shake the screen a ridiculous amount on a mistake (and on success) make me feel it completely

(maybe add a toggle to make sure no one gets hurt)

makes me think a lot of some flash games by orisinal where there’s this like soothing vibe but also a cute little score oriented game happening at the same time =)

thanks a lot for the kind words, glad you noticed those things, doing that within the 16 frame restriction of flickgame was pretty exciting.

danny pls let me download Garden



finally got around to playing this game, beautiful stuff!

but seeing this comment i couldn’t help but also go for the speedrun.

got to 10, pretty interesting, the round (clock) enemy is definitely the hardest one!

oooh, i might try doing that, been wanting to get more in touch with that community!

mama mia!

hell yeah thanks for the nice message! happy that you enjoyed it, making this game was really transformative to me, my friend d just made a fan game today about this and its beautiful.

i definitely took some poetic liberties towards the end haha but thats the way i found of playing with the rules in our heads.


wooooah its public!

i was like, might also listen to the official soundtrack on top of the game soundtrack, and then proceeded to listen to this completely unaware of what i was doing: and then was like, woah, the game music on top of in the aeroplane ofer the sea really transforms it huh.

no regrets, i hope other people do the same thing i did. great game

que massa! veeei tu tinha que achar essas paradas e postar por aqui. eu no minimo ia curtir muito. tb desenhava umas fases de mario quando era criança e inventava cartinha de pokemon tb. manda um minigame personalizado pra mim haha.

imaginação é massa demais

love how

thanks a lot for the kind message! just got me teared up a bit =)

love to see your controler setup (also the colors weirdly match the palette of this page o.o)

i saw that jam and know some incredible friends that will be doing stuff for it, i really want to try doing something, but i have so many things to do this month so i don’t know, could maybe just update this game i guess, tune it a bit more!

thanks again for partnering in this beautiful dance!

thanks a lot for the comment. funny that you found this now, its been so long that i’ve made it

after walking to the void, lettuce is still to this day waiting for anything lisa cranberry would tell them.

never go back

there’s tony hawk pro skater like scoring for every action you can take in the game

i like this a lot! great job. i dream of one that you dip something in sauce and you don’t want it to drop on the tablecloth


i literally grabbed my phone to check if there were any new emails. twice.

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it’s not a sprint, its a marathon

absolutely incredible. a quick peek into what still awaits us in the future of videogames.

very happy to play the original deer game, thanks for the jam! =)

thank you for the jam! made me very happy to just make something silly following a prompt and be joyful about it.

i feel like im very good at this game

love it!


damn, and here i was thinking i had outsmarted the generality.

found 5 mines

oh thats weird =( if you wanna check it out it might also be availabe at, its the pacman quine one

hmmm, what browser are you using?