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Hey! This looked pretty interesting and I love the concept! I didn't mind the combat even though it feels clunky. I'm just a bit lost on the tutorial. 

It says to make camel leg slices but the only cutting option I have is "cut". I do that, cutting 6 times, and the result is "camel leg cuts" not "camel leg slices". 

It still counted because the tasks were checked off but the wording should be the same to avoid confusion. 

It then said to make a dish with cooked leg slices but nothing I cooked checked off that task so I don't know if I missed a step or if it just wasn't working.

Since the design of the menus and the related mechanics are unusual, the game should walk you through the cooking process the first time instead of just telling you what to do in a checklist. 

The checklist should also be visible when you need it (or you should be able to call it up on the fly) so you don't have to exit the inventory/restaurant to check what the next thing is. 

Once you've done something on the list, there should be some kind of visual/audio acknowledgment so you know you can move on. It could also get rid of completed steps to save screen space.

I know I'm saying "should" a lot lol I don't mean you have to make the game a certain way. I just mean I think these would be quality of life improvements.

Like with the dialogue. There doesn't need to be a different button to "skip" or "proceed" since it's functionally the same thing. I think one button advancing the dialogue is enough. 

Overall, this has a lot of potential to be really fun! The menus and UI could just use some work to better support and show off the mechanics. I can't wait to see how the game progresses so good luck with polishing it up!