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Hello there!

I was scrolling through when I noticed your game. I've read through your game and I'm really interested in it and I would like to make a video on your game for my YouTube channel. Would it be possible to make a video?

Have a nice day!

^ . ^

Ye sure but its a bit short, ill post the full one really soon.

Thing is i live in iran and there were protests againts the gov so they shut down the internet for a full week, thats why it took me so long to reply and i couldnt even work.

Sorry for that but the full game will be done really really soon.



I shall wait for the full release and then make a video. You don't need to say sorry, what happens is out of your control so I understand why it's taking you a long period of time to do things.

I am willing to wait for the full release of your game :)