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it doesnt work at all


Oh no! Are you on Windows? You need to right-click the zip and pick 'extract' or similar. Or is there something else wrong?

I got it through the itch client so I don't know anything about that it just installed it and I launched it and the client crashed.


Unfortunately, you will have to download this directly from the itch page.

Ok thanks.

I wasn't able to run my game on my android phone.

I'm using the latest Love2d v.0.10.2. I packaged the game following the instructions for windows.

When opening the game on my android device ( Android v.6.0 ) The message "Unfortunately, Game00We161914 has stopped".

My game is a simple Love2d hello world with only 5 lines of code and no dependencies, images or audio.

Any help or suggestions would be helpful. I downloaded all assets from this site as directed.

how did you make it use 0.10.2 instead of the (if remember right) included 0.10.1?

Hi qubodup

I didn't use Love 0.10.1. However, I did manage to get my game using the latest Love2d library working on Android by following this guide

My game loads well on android but I'm getting another issue that may be related to my code and little understanding on how LOVE works.

You can read more here


becuse u do not no how to CODE!!!