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This is awesome!

Regarding the vertical zappers, do you mean those in the reactor? If so, there are four lights (or crosses when unlit), basically when they start lighting then the zapper on that side is about to come on, just as youll see all four lights go off when the zapper on that side goes off.

If you mean zappers on other screens, those are all predictable, just not necessarily all the same timing. In general you can stop between each zapper but it's slower.

Hm, I've seen the warning lights on other screens but I guess I didn't notice them in the reactor, or the room leading up to there. I also found that, in the room leading up to the reactor, the middle zapper will go off for a very short time when I get there, and it's not safe to go through.

Yea the middle zapper on that screen has the shortest time. None of those were designed to be ran through all in one go, but it might be possible I suppose if you wait for the right pattern.

Only other thing I noticed is you didn't use jump before jetpacking, that might save energy/time in places.