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Hey, I haven't played for a long time, but these days I saw the launcher, I just opened it, I saw all the maps I had created and started playing :D, this brought me nostalgia and I set out to create a mega map which I stay well, but I did not like something and it was that when I played it was too easy to climb the walls and to make a parkour area it took a long time and I had to have a lot of distance, in short the character's jump is too high I don't know if I explain myself but Mobility with the jump is too powerful and in multiplayer it is a bit easy to dodge bullets just by jumping, so I would like the jump not to be too much. I know that you will take this advice seriously and that you will think about it to do something that you should change the game radically but I only give you my advice and the rest will be your free will. :)

(I also say it for some maps that I believe and for example I don't want them to climb a certain mountain but since the jump is a lot I always have to make the height of the mountain too big and that consumes many map requirements)

I hope to be precise with what I am writing, the truth is not much English so if I am wrong it was just a mistake :,D


Glad to see you back!

Thanks for the suggestion, modifying gravity / jump height seems to be a recurring request so I will try my best to implement it. 

BTW I am well aware that it's been quite a while since the last update, sorry guys but lots of real-life obligations have kept me from working on the game for a long time. I will do my best to make it up! 


Wow, I am surprised at the speed at which you respond, as it shows that you are attentive to us: D, that makes me happy, I understand your current situation, since I was also a developer and I had many problems, especially economic since I had to work and I did not have much time, but I understand that you cannot give us an update today or tomorrow since you not only have to work on this project but you have to do other things, I hope that as soon as you can continue with the game. I support you in everything.

Keep going My Friend :)


Thanks for your understanding, and for the kind words! :)