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Worth trying a "translation". I was searching a file called SRC or something in the supposed Linux version. No luck.

Only numbers are 1 and 2. Arrows are letters and Flag is O

Might have it. Try to input DEC value of digits translated from windings


I tried a few combinations but I failed... first things first, there is no 0 button so no numbers with 0s in them.
Secondly, Folder,paper andflag are wingdings keys but the arrows are wingdings 3 so it's kind of hard to figure it out

Correct. Plus: the flag is flipped vertically. I guess arrows are not to consider. I tried to input DEC values with no success. it might be (48)(49) / (50) (51) / 79 or 97 being flipped. but im making daring guesses


The file is 19 because that’s the year that was in the image about the lantern from “” and the flag is 21 because the SLP number when you start No Players Online is 0:00:21 since whenever you play-test a game, you often start the game by pressing the flag symbol.

I’m still looking for the document’s meaning so I have to come back to this thread later.

Those are some pretty impressive findings m8! it actually makes sense if you see wingdings as actual symbols and not "letters"! However, I don't know how many would've figured out the flag connection!

like, HOLY SH*T! I never would've thought that those first couple of seconds of blue screen after you click the tape have some meaning! you're a freaking genius!