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i gotta say after playing the games demo i like the characters and the story so far looking forward to the next update and lol this might be wrong of me to say but Jordans dad is hot tbh wish we could do or see some stuff with him cum damn thats one hot daddy lmao and when i saw him in his underwear i was just like ok I'm sold when can i see this man nude lmao and also man that ending was so unexpected i was just like damn that sucks :(


I'm glad you've been enjoying it so far! I felt the same when I drew Jordan's dad as well haha; perhaps you'll get the chance to see more of him, I just need to see how the story develops. There are nude sprites of Dale, but, personally, I don't enjoy writing that incorporates sex or nudity when it's clearly out of place, so we'll need to see how the narrative develops; I believe that sex  should be  more than just that, it needs to have emotional significance as well. Until then, enjoy the tease ;3

As for the ending, it still sends chills down my spine when I listen to the audio. My objective as a writer is to evoke strong, emotional responses by means of tragic plot; that way, if or when things get sensual, you'll have plenty of tears for lube  haha.

But, in all seriousness, thank you. I'm happy you've been enjoying Cold, it means a lot to me.

well your very welcome and please keep up the great work can't wait to see what happens in the next update and OWO nude Dale you say I'm even more sold now too hahah  but thats understandable about not wanting to write that way its your project so you just do what you feel is right either way and hahah well it makes sense cuz Jordans dad is hot lol and when he was talking about going to rub one out i low-key had wished that there was an option to watch and then jordan probably get caught watching and then see what would happen from there lol maybe   my thoughts were getting a bit too deep into this cuz i loved Jordans dad lmao but hey that was just one of my thoughts if you ever took that route lol but like i said your project so you do what you think is best ^^  but man did he look hot in his jockstrap sprite just perfect