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yknow it’s crazy to think that it’s been over 2 years now I know developing. A game takes time and stuff but I actually enjoyed this game when I first heard about it and played the demo and enjoyed it and even backed the kickstarter for it and have yet to hear anything about this at this point I’m wondering if the devs just gave up on this and said screw it and took the money and just said fuck it it’s unfortunate that something so nice looking and sounded interesting and full of potential ended up getting abandoned in the end maybe one day we’ll hear something maybe not but it’s just a shame this happened hopefully we’ll hear something someday and get an explanation if something happened as well🤦🏾‍♂️ 

hmm maybe theres something i missed then not sure ill have to replay then and see ive been playing it on the app so maybe ill try it again and see thank you for replying i appreciate it

I've very much enjoyed the game so far its really interesting the story and the characters please keep up the amazing work you and your team are doing! but i also have a question so I'm playing build 3 and I am not playing the censored version is there a NSFW scene that i missed that happens in build 3 did i make the wrong choices or something i just want to know so if there is i can go back and try and unlock the scene so if someone sees this message id def love to know how to get it if such a scene exists with Loken please and thank you ^^

i thought it was rather enjoyable and an interesting story as well plus the CG that we get were super hot as well hehee great job on making this as well im giving it 5 stars cuz i enjoyed every second of it no matter how jealous i was that MC got to enioy being squished by Tremor lol wish that i could get squished under Tremors butt too and hold on to his trunks like MC haha

i gotta say i really enjoyed this game it was so much fun and it has such an interesting story to it and i cant wait for more i think my fav scene was the guitar scene it was so well written and it sounded so beautifully and loved it and i honestly wanna say i really hope to see more from this game again soon and to please keep up the amazing work you def have my support and lol when we  were first introduced to the headmaster i was lowkey hoping we did get to have some lewd time with him and i lowkey hope we can do it again tbh cuz he is such a DILF lmao and id love to see some more for him if its possible~ and i cant say which of the characters i like the most even the side characters are really cool i love how inclusive you were with including a character that identifies with they/them their design is really cool and interesting plz keep up the great work and cant wait to see more when it becomes available to play the other routes and continue with the current one and hopefully get some fun with the side characters as well too if possible lol!

so far I haven’t run into any bugs at least myself so keep up the amazing work if I have any suggestions as well sometime i will definitely suggest some things!

oh ok got it thanks for informing me please keep up the good work then looking forward to playing more when the next build drops!

I really enjoyed the game I thought it was a lot of fun and interesting please keep up the good work but I was wondering after I deliver the letter is there anything else for me to do or is that the end of the demo just so I know I wasn’t sure if there was something else I am supposed to do afterwards 🤔

the demo was great looking forward to when we get a chance to see more please keep up the amazing work if by chance were able to get a full game would love to see what happens next for MC and the other boys!

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alright how do I go about fixing the telescope I think I figured out part of it I ended up getting the plunger and used it on the telescope at general grants and then it broke and now I’m stuck what do I do next so i can get to the dragon boss?

where do I even fight this dragon at that I’ve heard people talk about it I already defeated Grant X how do I find this dragon I’ve heard about??

man that sucks im sorry to hear for the loss may he rest in peace its not easy to deal with loss it might be hard at first but stay strong for him and yourself but again may he RIP and i want to thank him for his amazing contribution to this game

so i recently finished playing the recent build and went through both Aiden and Elliots newest updates im new to this game and i gotta say i love all the characters in it and the story is so interesting and it makes me wonder what kind of psychic the MC will be its a shame that the game is on hiatus until 2022 cuz when i saw the "end of current build" message i was like nooo it cant end here i wanted more and wanted to possibly have some sexy time with one of the husbands and seeing them all naked was the best haha well hopefully that time will come eventually looking forward to seeing what else will happen with this game in 2022 Rook you  and the the team keep up the great work and hopefully can see more again soon ill be sure to stay tuned for when we get more definitely rating 5 stars for sure ! <3

so i gotta say i just discovered this game not too long ago and i gotta say i love it and all the characters they're all great Devon is def my fav heehe id simp for him lol all in all please keep up the awesome work and i cant wait for the next update and be able to spend more time with daddy Devon~

I hope not either either way I can’t  wait keep up the great work!

loved the game cant wait till the next update  to play some more hopefully soon please keep up the great work!!

haha well whatever you have planned can’t wait 

wow your game was a lot of fun i really enjoyed the characters and the story and the dialogue options are pretty funny some pretty hot moments too heheh cant wait to see more juicy moments~ Im not sure whose route i wanna do first i just want to date them all hahaah please keep up the great work and is it wrong that i kinda would wanna see something with the dad too hes pretty hot and seems like he is pretty adventurous with fun too kinda hope we can do some stuff with him or even see him do some things heheh~

i just finished the Vn and i gotta say i really liked it the story seems like its going to take an interesting turn and it made me want more and after i was hit with the to be continued at the end it made me excited for more and im sorry to hear that others may think differently about this game and  call it things such as a rip off of Adastra i dont believe that to be true at all this game is great I can just see how much hard work and passion you put into this game I definitely cant wait till the next update keep up the great work!

ooo this seems like an interesting game i want to give it a try now but for some reason when i  try and download the PC version of the game it does download itself but when i click on the download to try and drag it to my desktop to try and unzip it like it doesnt work at all it just says removed when i click on it and im not sure if its my computer or what it is but id love to give this game a try

couldn’t tell you that’s up to the creator 

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I gotta say I did enjoy the demo everything looks so nice and smooth hehe I might’ve been a little disappointed that demo was  censored but I sure do hope that the maybe sometime it won’t be hehe looking forward to that I like the guys they all look so hot can’t wait to have fun with all of them when the chance is given hehe but I am curious when the protagonist ends up having sex with one of the characters will the portag automatically be given a told like with certain characters he’ll too and some hell bottom or ya he just strictly a bottom or will we as the players get to decide which role ? 🤔🤔 but I can’t wait for more looking forward to the next update keep up the good work hehe but still do hope that can look forward to an uncensored version sometime 👀 😉😏😏🤤😍

i just downloaded the game earlier today i gotta say i loved the demo and i honestly cant wait for more and hope that it will get updated again soon for the public ill be keeping an eye out for the day that you do so till then please keep up the amazing work youre doing!

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ooo yay a new version looking forward to the mac version as well whenever you guys get the chance to upload it im gonna play it as soon as you guys upload it! and still congrats on getting funded last year the game was amazing and cant wait for the full version of the game to be released ^^

Yay I can’t wait to give it a play best Christmas gift ever hehe 😁😁

merry Christmas to you hope that you have a wonderful holiday and that I hope that your project continues to grow hope that I can get a chance to play it sometime for Mac too 😁

Hey there thanks for getting back to me and oh yay I’m looking forward to it I’ll Be sure to keep my eyes peeled then can’t wait to give  it a try when you’re able to upload a Mac version 😁😁

hey there just wanted to say that i happened to come across your game while scrolling through itch and after reading about it i thought it sounded interesting and might wanna give it a try but i wanted to know if the game supports mac as well before i attempted to download it cuz i have a mac and wasn't sure if if i was gonna be able to play the game or not if it isn't will there ever be a version to be able to play it on mac if not its ok :)

Oh alright then we’ll looking forward to when you decide to upload a Mac version can’t wait 😁😁

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heya quick question i just happened to come across this game just a little while ago and wanted to know if the game is playable on mac or if it’s just strictly for windows and if so if it’s playable on mac  how do i go about setting it up  hope you can help me out with that cuz i own a mac and i saw this game and the description and though i just had to play it ^^

well your very welcome and please keep up the great work can't wait to see what happens in the next update and OWO nude Dale you say I'm even more sold now too hahah  but thats understandable about not wanting to write that way its your project so you just do what you feel is right either way and hahah well it makes sense cuz Jordans dad is hot lol and when he was talking about going to rub one out i low-key had wished that there was an option to watch and then jordan probably get caught watching and then see what would happen from there lol maybe   my thoughts were getting a bit too deep into this cuz i loved Jordans dad lmao but hey that was just one of my thoughts if you ever took that route lol but like i said your project so you do what you think is best ^^  but man did he look hot in his jockstrap sprite just perfect 

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i gotta say after playing the games demo i like the characters and the story so far looking forward to the next update and lol this might be wrong of me to say but Jordans dad is hot tbh wish we could do or see some stuff with him cum damn thats one hot daddy lmao and when i saw him in his underwear i was just like ok I'm sold when can i see this man nude lmao and also man that ending was so unexpected i was just like damn that sucks :(

heya quick question about the latest update so when i tried to download the latest version for the game for mac it wouldnt let me play it so i tried to see if maybe if i unzipped it then maybe it would work but it didnt im not sure if its my macs fault or if i was downloading it the wrong way so i just wanted to know if its still possible to run this update for mac thanks!

Hehee oooo now I’m really excited knowing the fact that he’ll be verse hehehe can’t wait to see what you’ll end up doing  lol tbh I love Nate I mean who doesn’t love a hot daddy after all can’t wait to watch him top and bottom 🤤😉😍 

oh yea i definitely will follow you so i can get notified when the next update comes out so i can play it on my mac and hell yea bring on the NSFW looking forward to see where you take this but i still am curious tho  will you make us get to decide if the MC will top or bottom or will he already have a specific role assigned to him just curious is all have you given that any thought yet? either way i can't wait to see what happens my body is still ready *rips clothes off* lmao xD

i gotta say after playing the demo i really enjoyed it and i can't wait for more the story is so good and i love the interactions with all of the characters and all the talk about the MC magic and stuff and the chimera is so adorable tbh lol i want him as a pet too lol and i loved seeing the dad nude OWO tbh lol haha too bad we can't do anything with him hahah he's definite husband material in my opinion~  lol and tbh ngl the game reminds me a little bit of nekojishi for some reason lol anyways keep up the great work and i totally can't wait to play more of this game! 

i just downloaded it and tested it and it ran just fine can't wait to give the demo a play!

Ooo awesome can’t wait till then I’ll download it as soon as it’s ready I’m excited I was looking forward to playing the demo  hope you guys get a chance to upload the Mac version soon 😁😄

Ooo awesome can’t wait till then I’ll download it as soon as it’s ready I’m excited I was looking forward to playing the demo  hope you guys get a chance to upload the Mac version soon 😁😄

Just out of curiosity will the game be available to play on Mac as well or is it just going to strictly for pc cuz I’d totally love to play this game but sadly I don’t have a PC I only have a Mac