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Hi Space, I'm hoping you can give me a little more information.

groupthink requires port forwarding to work online, did you do that?

If you successfully got port forwarding set up, could you both connect to the server?  You'll know that your friend and you are both connected to the  server since you'll both be seeing the same map after a connection is completed.

All controls for network play use the up/down/left/right arrows for movement and space for actions so if one of you is trying to use WASD or any other customized controls then you won't be doing anything in the game.

You're the first person to mention problems with groupthink online so thanks for the feedback and I hope I can help you.  Thanks for your interest in my game! 

Since my router does not seem to allow port forwarding I use a program called radmin vpn to get around this problem. I have used it with many other games and it works perfectly.

When my friend connects nothing appears to happen at the game itself, but I see at the LOVE console "player 1has connected".

I also tried opening a second instance to connect to my own server. Using crashes the game. Using the local network ip puts me in a empty level with 2 players and no walls.

Thanks for the info, I'll take a look