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This game... This a game! It's not a game - it's a GAME! I first played it many months ago, when the demo version came out very raw and had only one language (the language of creators). It grew on my eyes, changed and got better from month to month. On some game moments I dropped tears, on others I laughed for several hours - they were so funny or close for me.
What did it do to me the first time? Characters sprites and description of the plot. I especially liked at that time three guys: Ian, Victor and Ragnar. After some time, I fell more and more in love with one of them - Ian. This minor character conquered me from head to toe and everything between. If someone ask me about ideal man - I'll show them Ian and describe his character and his thoughts about the world and life. After all, I believe and guess that he is tough and unsociable only from the outside, and inside he is an angel consisting of passion and love. hehe

I'm really looking forward to the full release of this game and very much hope and wait for the appearance of the continuation, which will be my charm - Ian.
P.S. Also I like very much Ragnar. I love huge red-haired men in bathrobes who smoke something forbidden. XD and Victor-pierced thin fingers - artist-boys are also my type.


I think we know who you are) you often wrote us comments on the site in our country. Thank you, that you supported us here too! ♡ (´。• ω •。`) ♡
Your kind words have been inspiring and motivating us for so long.
Thanks for your feedback, the novel has become better and I hope that you will be delighted with the full version! (((o (*゚▽゚*)o)))