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Hey, I just reached what I believe to be the end of the game (After the 2nd boss fight with Wildfire in Sub Lvl 2). Is that the actual ending of the game, or is there more to the game? I'm asking because tbh, this is the ONLY 18+ I've played that has me the desire to continue playing the game? I really wanna know if there's gonna be more added to the Story, or like if there's gonna be like a Third Crisis 2 or somethin'. I really can't help but feel like I'm at a cliffhanger after reading through the dialouge during and after that boss fight. Once again, I'm highly impressed to feel this engaged to a 18+ game just as if it was a non 18+ game. Massive props to ya/y'all Anduo Games (Not sure if it's one person behind teh development of the game or multiple people). Also, I didn't get to the necessary area (I think the prison tent) in time to take part in the Halloween Event-- just to clear that out. Not gonna go into detail what happened in that part of the game bc I don't wanna spoil the game for y'all

Edit:  Clarifying I ain't gonna spoil shit for the game.


This has been answered a bit lower down in Sean's similar question. It's the end for now, there's still more planned though.

Alright, thank you!

Hey there, thank you so much for speaking up! Hearing this means a lot to us! ♥

We've grown to a team of 3 core members and more than 5 contractors. Right now we're working on continuing the story right where it left off. So the December patreon update will have new content and that content will, as always, be free to play by non-supporters one month later in Janurary.

Again, thanks for the kind words, glad you like what we are working on! ♥