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Overall, the punch attack is my favorite. The shooting attack...not so much. Between the energy balls raining down on my head and my crow friends trying to peak my eyeballs, I was spam left clicking the whole time. Nevertheless, I love the concept of this. Maybe additional puzzles here and there can be added to spice up the gameplay.


Thanks for giving it a shot! Feedback has been unanimous... the ranged attack needs major reworking.

I've got a lot of ideas that I was unable to complete for Devtober, but I intend to continue work on this project! I've unfortunately (or fortunately I guess?) gotten loaded with freelance gigs that are taking all my spare time right now.

I'll probably update this demo when I have time, and make a brand new post for the completed game when I get there. Thank you for your feedback, and I hope you give it another shot when I finally get to finishing this! :)