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Aw, that's too bad. But don't worry. I've no need to refund it. I already found s/b who wanted to play the game. :D

I'll try to check if the error is still there with newer version of the game and/or Linux/driver updates and report back if there is any change.

Thank you! Please let me know if it helps!

I've been thinking about this a bit, and wondering if there's maybe some kind of string encoding issue going on (I noticed you were playing in German)? Could you try playing the opening cutscene in english and seeing if that causes a crash too? Would help me narrow this down!

(There was a bug in early versions of the game that caused crashes on Linux for some people if the game tried to display any non-english characters - I was getting a few crash reports from spanish players during the same cutscene. It's been fixed for a while though, so it's probably something else - but it would set my mind at ease to know that your copy is also crashing in English!)

Just switched to English and get basically the same error as shown in the original comment. So yes, it's also crashing in English.

Oh, I just found this (already closed) issue

paxed mentions on Aug 26, 2019 "This issue seems to be back, [...] Click on Play, you get to the cut scene with the jester, and when he tries to speak, kaboom." - which is exactly what I'm experiencing.

Also, cosmicchipsocket commented there that ...

I know the cause of this and it's because Lime's OpenAL is using SSE 4.1 instructions. If your CPU doesn't support them it will crash with an "illegal instruction" error.
SSE4a does not count as SSE 4.1.

Maybe that helps tracking it down. It would fit the error messages & backtrace details?

Ahhh, it's this one. Unfortunately then I know for a fact we can't fix this - we're on a particular fork of openfl and we can't change it without breaking the game for a lot of other people. Sorry :(

(thank you very much for checking the english version crashed too, it's a relief to be able to rule that out!)