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In Coffee Terms

Pursuit of Meaning in coffee terms is like an experienced barista that can't afford the top of line utensils or ingredients but desperately wants to make you a coffee from the bottom of their heart. The flavor might not be what they were hoping for but there is something there. An undeniable drive to create. And with time, affection, effort, and hopefully at least an actual coffee pot, one day they will nail the recipe. 

Thank you for writing the review! I really appreciate it. It had a lot of insightful feedback that I got value from.

You're very welcome, I hope it didn't seem too harsh, I could see the love you have for creating games and I feel like this one has a lot of potential but your next projects will tap into that potential even further.

Thank you and don't worry, I didn't view it as harsh :). I could tell you saw potential and all the feedback was absolutely spot on. I will absolutely take all of the lessons and apply them to my next projects.