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Sure it might be a very minor annoyance to get one notification after every download, but you've got to weigh that up against, for instance, a dev who's spent maybe a year of hard work in order to get a game finished, which is being put out for free.

Right, but mind the last thing you want to get is to make the customer give your product a negative review simply just because of having become annoyed by this one too many a spam that day, rather than to give no feedback at all, as perhaps originally intended. Simply for the stats.

When it comes to the feedback, it is of great value, especially when it starts to make statistical sense, I believe, but mind it does take some creativity from a contributor to post anything constructive. It does take to be constructive oneself to do anything constructive.

For the reasons to quit, I can see financial problems being possibly one, but there is always way if there is will, even if it ought to be a lesson in minimalism. {Natter, natter}. Anyway, I would quit if it was that I did not feel very good at what I do or if I was told with statistically true outcome that I simply waste my time. Lack of feedback or exposition to publicity is a problem and I can also see a lot quit due to that. That is due to lack in being provided of measure for self evaluation, thus feeling lost - or having low self evaluation.

But y'know how they say, true love is forever or whatever.

Honestly, for buying of expensive software, I would say, never overinvest, unless you exactly know what you do.