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Help Menu:
1. "I need to get the air essence and try to tame it. Ayane suggested searching the mountains South-East from her shrine."
2. "I have a bad feeling about those Vagabonds yet first I must learn more about what happened with Serena..."

The information above displays what the help menu says. Considering the information you told me, I assume I actually have not completed the Vagabonds Questline as I had initally thought.


In this case, go to the mountains area with a healing statue and take the northern exit. Press Q to hide Ada's on-map sprite and get a better view.

Will do, thank you! I'l let you know if that helped me out.

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Also, you are referring to where we players fight the Oni monster girl, Gabby correct?

Edit: Spelling corrections

No, the snowy mountains region. It's located to the east from Ayane's pine forest.

Alright, thank you! 

By the way, the information you gave me helped me out a lot and worked. Thank you so much!