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Would it be possible to add a stitched up background that changes as you progress in a never-ending cycle like for example from the default to like going inside a castle, then the forest, then maybe the desert, a town and then back around to default and continuing? I love eye candy but I do also LOVE classic console graphics. Just wondering in case you are done with the game. Thanks in advance and great job ♥️

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I too would have liked to have more backgrounds. However, the scope of the game was limited due to having no budget.

My plan is to use the experience learned in this project to start something bigger, with at least moderate funding. I hope you will look forward to that.

However, I'm not done with Type Knight. I will keep fixing bugs and other issues. There's a possibility of more content but I don't want to promise anything.

if possible that would be so darn amazing!! And yes I understand and such a great start. I know I wouldn't be near capable of the work you have done and I am aware of how difficult it is to make a game so thanks for replying and working on this ☺️