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When you've downloaded the game you need to unzip the contents to wherever you want to save it to. Then you have to enter the folder where you put it, Right-Click and go down to Properties and change it's permission value to execute. Or from Terminal you can just run;

chmod +x V1.04_Raft_LinuxUniversal

you will have two different binary files, you have LinuxUniversal.x86 and LinuxUniversal.x86_64, run it on whatever your system uses.

one you've done this just double click and the game will load.

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Okay, this part I got, opens the resolution setting screen, I click ok, but the game does not open at all. Of course as I use x64, the x86 version does not even open.

did you right click on it and go down to properties and click allow exicution on the tab you just open

1.Download The itch.io App

2.Search Raft Up In The App

3.Install The Game In The App (no files are poping up on your file app)

4.Click Lauch

And There You Go

And the same is happening with another game on itch.io, the ravenfield.

try selecting windowed mode and change output to 1280x720 and try with graphic settings on Fastest to see if that helps.

I tried, and it is happening the same thing