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Boom Squad community · Created a new topic wont download

It takes me to a 404 error page can u help

if this was on the console it would be amazing 

it wont open for me

for some odd reason

is their a 64 bit for linux now?

their is no 64 bit linux version cmon man :(

i fixed it

do u know when the next update could come so i know when to get this game thx

i cant extract i have linux 64 bit user it says and error occured while extracting so could someone tell me what happens just reply and i will do the steps needed

it worked thx for the help and good service for when we ask for help and u responed fst and wif it fast thx u so much :)

i will try it now and you could ask for my email

See if u can email me if u fix it

it doesnt work i have linux and it doesnt support 64 bit users so u should u fix it and it wont extract with the file roller most games do this its just i want to try this one so pls fix

did you right click on it and go down to properties and click allow exicution on the tab you just open

i cant get it to open on linux

(1 edit)

can someone reply i open it and it loads but before it goes in the game it sits and freezes and i have restart cpu