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"SAMUDRA follows the story of a boy who fell into the deepest sea and pushes forth to find a way back towards the surface world"  - 4/5*

TLDR "SAMUDRA" is a beautiful platformer game with immersive artwork, music and other details WHILE warning us about the impact of polution to the environment. As a player who once played their previous game "Incubo", they never cease to amaze me.

Pros  (4 star)

- Story

- Arts

- Immersive

- Puzzles

- Environment

- Good control !

Cons (-1 star)

- Unpolished animation  

- Demo is too short

- Some images not optimized for super-wide screen

Well, it's still in demo phase, i 'm sure dev will polished it and make this game better than current state.  I hope platformers game will grow even bigger, because  this kind of game makes me reminisce my childhood.

My best moment in this game :3

Note : i want this kind of mural on my warehouse lol

Thank you so much for the kind words & review! We appreciate it very much :) We have looked into the issues you mentioned & will be working on the solutions for the final launch!