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I have a very hard time giving a review but I try I have played a lot of giantess games and this does not play a game that is good but not bad either? i feel like the game is giving up after 20 - 30 min and not want to do anything new i played it and it was ok fun an ok story and ok gameplay but after some time it's just the same and the same in 2 hours and it happens nothing the same music the same voices just disappointed but what do I like about gaming? i like mini games they are fun and like there is little video trying to make a story should you buy the game ?? yes and no since the game was released then the price is fine but today there are so many better games that cost the same but you for 100% more entertainment Mutant Colossus from Outer Space Should Be Free Why? because then you have a chance for it to reach more people and then you can hope a new game will come but just with a little more love

i love and hate this game

has taken video down as there is an error coming up soon